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Industrial sliding door
Sectional sliding door is regular door used for corporations which have higher standard for opening speed, heat preservation, noise insulation, leakage, wind resistance, ect. Widely used in large warehouse, logistic, food, medicine, factories and mines. Especial for the huge door opening size place, which is not suitable to install ground door.

1. Panel material: double layers galvanized steel plate, filled with PU foam, with features of thermal insulation, noise insulation, heat preservation, widely used at large warehouse and workshop.
2. Applicability: designed according to building structure, lift up overhead, not occupy door opening space, saving place to the utmost extent.
3. Appearance: Double layer galvanized steel with PU foam, embossing design can keep the panel will not out of shape permanently. Easy to clean, elegant appearance, JAD door is your first choice to improve enterprise image.
4. Noise insulation: galvanized pulley seat equipped with adjustable ball bearing, guarantee noiseless open and close.
5. Wind resistance: when the door width exceed 5m, the external stiffener will guarantee its intensity. By European standard test, it can withstand 10 degree strong wind.
6. Safety: anti-falling device, SRS(optional), spring anti-breaking device, guarantee the safety for human or object.

We have been committed to the professional design and development of fast rolling doors, professional production, simplified installation, and unified industry standards.
Our Doors in Action
Sectional sliding door

This project is installed at the Yadelin factory in Suzhou. With the development pf economy, customers¡¯ standard for products is higher and higher. Since sectional sliding door comes out, more and more customers prefer to choose this door in their factories.
With SRS under the mudsill, the door will stop falling down and sliding overhead when there is human or forklifts under it. Double trails and double springs, guaranteed the door¡¯s running steady and safely.

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