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PVC High Speed Door
High Performance Doors Engineered for the warehouse
It can highly meet the needs of high performance and logistics and clean places,It saves energy, increases air conditioning effect, starts at high speed, improves work efficiency, and creates a better working environment.

¡ñ Removable aluminum alloy wind-resistant ribs make the replacement of the curtains quick and easy.
¡ñ The system automatically turns off the power when the door is not turned on or off. When the command is input, the system will restart within 10 milliseconds, which can save 30% compared to the normal system.
¡ñ The control system has the advantages of high speed, high stability, high precision and only.

We have been committed to the professional design and development of fast rolling doors, professional production, simplified installation, and unified industry standards.
Our Doors in Action
high speed door
high speed door

This project is installed in a warehouse of a beverage factory on the outskirts of Shanghai to isolate the assembly area and the raw material area£¬With anti-collision column.Due to the frequent passing of forklifts and trolleys, it is equipped with anti-collision columns and the opening speed is set to 1.2 m/s.

Every six months, our maintenance staff will come to the high speed door for maintenance.

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