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Metal high speed rolling door
JAD brand metal high speed rolling door is a high-tech product by introduction of advanced technology. Metal high speed rolling door¡¯s appear bring a new concept for industrial door, the technology is with leading level of the world. This door can keep good sealing leakproofness, no matter it is with high pressure or low tension. It can withstand hurricanes of 120km/s. The opening speed varies as door size, the fastest speed can be 3m/s. The door is with beautiful appearance, easy operation, high practicability, reliability, durability and low noise. This door is the best choice for entrance for chemical, pharmacy, automobile industry, and food production.

1. Door panel is very smooth, all mobile components are designed strictly as European safety standard (DINEN 12604)
2. Helical circular contactless collect track, the door curtain will not touch each other when rolling, thus there is no abrasion and transformation. The door is with rapid speed and low noise.
3. Every wattles are fixed at steel belt, which can keep the wattles is with not stress. The rolling belt can produce vertical lifting movement.
4. High speed driven motor is controlled by transducer and MPU, once power cut, can open the door by manual operation.
5. Transparent wattles can keep clean and transparent for long time. The wattles is designed by modularization, can change at any time. High wind resistance, high leakproofness and low noise make this door is incomparable.
6. The door opening flat is with precise infrared light curtain, barriers can be identified forward, thus, greatly increased the safety.

We have been committed to the professional design and development of fast rolling doors, professional production, simplified installation, and unified industry standards.
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high speed sprial door

This project is installed in domestic most famous Master Kong factory.
With fast speed, this door has a variety application areas. Meanwhile, this door is with thermal insulation property, can reduce energy efficiency to save electric energy. When design the door, the mudsill is equipped with sealing strip, which guaranteed the good leakproofness and can isolate smell and noise. When purchasing, our salesmen will recommend most suitable product as per customer¡¯s different requirements. We also advise customers to buy some necessary hardware, such as radar and collision post.

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